Falling Leaves, Chores, & A Question of Sanity…

Despite the fact that it means the snow comes next, I love fall. It may just be my favorite season of all, actually.

Everywhere I look right now (except in my yard, where to date we only have one sad little maple) the leaves are showering down from the trees and dusting up all along the sidewalks in an autumnal rainbow. It puts me in the mood for bonfires, pumpkin pie, hot cocoa, and Halloween.

Back home in B.C., our friends and family are probably looking at a lot of orchards in the last lovely stages before the fall harvest. It’s likely that they’ve yet to see the leaves start to fall, at least in the crazy numbers we see here, just as it’s likely that our friends in the south are probably still enjoying the last spasms of summer. Here though, the leaf shower is right on schedule. Seasons move pretty quickly around here. All but winter, which seems to last just short of forever. It’s really…


Let’s not think about the cold and the wet yet. Let’s not consider the fact that two months from now, I probably won’t be able to step foot outdoors without my teeth chattering hard enough to put my enamel at risk. Let’s just enjoy the fall, in all its glorious beauty, and pretend it might actually last a minute.

In past years, before we lived out in the middle of an otherwise empty field and more of the leaves would actually fall into our yard, we’d gather those leaves up and use them for our annual Halloween display. Well, after the kids had a chance at destroying the piles a few times, we’d gather them all back up and set them aside for whatever might be in their future. This year, I’m not sure what we’re going to do. I suppose we could always be the weirdos on the block (like we’re not already) over raking leaves up in the park. Or we could just do a display without them I guess, but that seems wrong somehow.

Last year we had a lot going on and ended up skipping the big display altogether. This year, that’s not an option. The kids have told us, in no uncertain terms, that we need to go all out… to go completely crazy, creepy awesome. Apparently skipping a year now means that we have to go EXTRA big. I’m oddly okay with this, since I love Halloween above all of the other kids’ holidays. So now all we have to do is get a plan together, and start building. We tend to make about 90% of our display ourselves, so that basically means that there’s no shortage of work to be done. There are a few boxes of props from years past sitting in the basement just waiting to be unearthed, but if we’re going to top our previous efforts, that will barely be enough to get us started.

I’ll keep you apprised of the situation.

While we’re on the topic of Halloween though, I’ve been trying to come up with some nifty ideas for getting into the spirit here in Scrambledbaconland… maybe a countdown of some sort, perhaps a look at some of my favorite spooky/creepy stuff. Hmm… more food for thought.

B.T.W… if I seem extra odd today, it could be because I’ve been up since 3:30 drinking coffee and prepping for the day ahead. Such things tend to leave my thought process a little disjointed, and perhaps a little harder to follow then normal. Sorry about that. I don’t know what in the world possessed me to get up that early, but what’s done is done, and can’t be undone. (K tells me that all the time… don’t know where she heard that, or the “you get what you get, and you don’t get upset” thing that seems to be her other motto, but it’s cute enough to borrow from time to time). And the ridiculous weekend wake-up time did give me a chance to post, which I generally don’t have time for on the weekends, so that’s a good’ish thing. 

Besides, it’s nearly time to begin my passive-aggressive wake up of the rest of the clan—y’know, turning on the music, running laundry, banging a few pots and pans—since, with the seasons in full switch-over mode, it’s time for a massive house cleaning. Time to get all the summer stuffs packed away, and start dragging the dreaded winter gear from out of storage. It’s time to clean until my knuckles are raw, so that we have a nice, fresh slate to track mud all over in the days to come. I know it’s supposed to be a spring cleaning thing, but around here, spring-cleaning-scale cleanups are required at least every other month… I think I’ve mentioned the excessive dust and whatnot we deal with being here. Alone. All alone in the middle of an empty field.

Sorry, that was me stalling, since, once this post is done, I’m off to work.

So before I suck it up and get to my chores, I need to ask something of any creative types that might be lurking around here…

Is it just me that talks to themselves, like excessively, when they’re eyeball deep in a creativity phase? I ask, because yesterday I finished up a passage (that I was pretty happy with) and as I headed downstairs to fetch myself a cup of coffee, and step out for a smoke (ya! I know… horrible habit, trying to quit, blah blah blah), I noticed that I was cheerily chattering away to myself. I may or may not have been answering my own questions, but as that I’m not ready to be fitted for a cozy, white I-love-myself jacket just yet, I’m going to keep that little detail to myself. (Okay, ya, I was totally answering every question posed).

Now, the thing is, this is NOT exactly a rarity for me. I tend to get pretty chatty with myself (usually only when I’m alone) when I’m really gung-ho on some project or another, but while I’ve never really considered myself anything approaching “normal”, I’m pretty curious as to whether or not this is, y’know, normal.


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